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Sunflag is committed to practice good corporate governance through application of best management practices and compliance to statutory and legal requirements, including Corporate Social Responsibilities. The board of directors and management of the company ensure fair business decisions, prudent financial management and high standard of ethics throughout the organization including Safety, Health and Environment Management.

Through improvements in productivity, quality and energy conservation the company maintains its competitive position in the industry and create value to all stake holders and customers.


Constitution of our board of directors.

Our Founder:

Shri Satyadev Bhardwaj

Non-executive Chairman :

Mr. Ravi Bhushan Bhardwaj

Managing Director :

Mr. Pranav Bhardwaj

Dy. Managing Director :

Mr. Surendra Kumar Gupta

Whole-time Director (Designated as the Executive Director – (Finance)) :

CA R. Muralidhar

Whole-time Director (Designated as the Executive Director – (Works)) :

Mr. Ramchandra Vasant Dalvi

Board of Directors :

Dr. E. R. C. Shekar (Independent, Non-executive Director)

Mr. S. Gajendran (Independent, Non-executive Director)

CA Jayesh M. Parmar (Independent, Non-executive Director)

Mr. Kumar Jitendra Singh (Independent, Non-executive Director)

Mrs. Neelam Kothari (Independent, Non-executive Director)

Mr. Rooshad Russi Patel (Independent, Non-executive Director)

Mr. Suhrit Ravi Bhushan Bhardwaj (Non-executive, Non-independent)

Executive Director (Fin.) & CFO :

CA R. Muralidhar

Company Secretary :

CS Ashutosh Mishra