SUNFLAG STEEL uses the (Sponge Iron + Hot Metal from MBF+ Plant Return Scrap)–Electric Arc Furnace–Ladle Refining Furnaces—Vacuum Degassing –Continuous casting machines –Rolling mills route, backed up by the state-of-the-art technology and computerized process control.

The production facilities include:

Sinter Plant (SINTER):  A 33 M2 sinter plant, designed by Beijing Sino-Steel Industry & Trade Group Corp.(SSIT) and Jiangsu Province Metallurgical Designing Institute (JSMDI) Co. Ltd. The technology is based on principle of economical, applicable safe and operational. The annual production is 3,64,000 Tonnes.

Mini Blast Furnace (MBF):  A Blast furnace of working volume 350 M3 designed by MECON Ltd. to produce 3,00,000 MT / annum of basic grade hot metal has been installed and sucessfully commissioned. The hot metal is mainly used in the steel melting shop as a raw material and surplus hot metal poured in pig casting machine. The Pig casting machine is designed by KBS Paramount & capacity 800 Tonnes per day (TPD). The Blast furnace gas is used for stoves heating, heating of preheating furnace of bar and section mill, heating of boiler ,sinter plant. Slag which is a byproduct is mainly sold to cement plants.

Direct Reduction Plants (DRP):  Based on Krupp’s Codir process. The DRPs can produce 2,62,000 tones per year of Sponge iron from iron ore and coal. Additionally, the flue gases help generate 30 MW of Electric power.

Power Plant (PP): A 30 MW Captive Power Plant is having two turbine set and two boilers. One boiler operates on the flue Gas from the Sponge Iron Plant (Direct Reduction Plant) and the other uses fine coal with fluidized Bed process.

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF): A Mannesmann Demag make 55 Mt. 40 MVA. Ultra high power, Eccentric bottom tapping, water cooled sides & roofs, Auto control, Oxy assisted Melting by side wall blowing etc.
Input – Hot Metal from Mini Blast Furnace, Continuous Sponge Iron feeding, Plant returns scrap.
Output – Molten Steel for Secondary steel Refining.

Ladle Heating Furnace (LHF): No. of Furnaces – 02 No.
Make – Mannesmann Demag, Doshi Industries.
Capacity – 55 MT.
Rating – 9 & 11 MVA.
Features – Continuous Alloy Feeding System, Use of C, S, Al wires for close chemistry control, Ar gas Purging.

Vacuum Degassing Unit (VD): G.A. Danielli, India has supplied a 60 tonnes capacity Vacuum Degassing Unit having 8 ejectors which deliver a pump down time of 5 minutes to 1 m bar. Liquid metal is treated for removal of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Lower pump down time ensures consistent and predictable drop in temperature during the VD process- Avoiding the re-heating of metal completely. Guarantee to reach desired vacuum level in all the heats. Effective degassing leads to very high cleanliness level & low gas levels ensures long trouble free component life. This will provide the capacity to manufacture high value added Steel needed for critical applications.

Continuous Casting Machine (CCM):  Double (10.25/18 meters) radius, 3 strand CCM is equipped with automatic mould level control, automatic powder feeder with liquid metal controlled at +/-3 mm, auto start up of cast & uniform rate of powder feeding, special tundish design, close casting, computerized secondary cooling, infra-red therometers for surface temperature monitoring, ceramic and bellow shrouds to prevent re-oxidation and Electro-magnetic stirrer for homogenization. Supplier is M/s CONCAST INDIA. Caster is feasible to Cast larger sections up to 280*320 mm with long Metallurgical length of 16 meters. It has a provision of online automatic heat number marking system.

Blooming Mill : (BM)   The 830 mm dia two high reversible blooming mill is supplied by M/s Daineli Morgardshammar, Sweden. Mill is facilitated with 60TPH dual fuel reheating furnace (Daineli Centro make) , 250 Bar Descaler unit, Manipulator with inbuilt bar tilter, Turn over cooling bed, hot saw cutter and automatic gauging system etc. Blooming mill rolls bloom sizes of 280×320 mm, 240×280 mm, 210x230mm, 160x160mm and ingot sizes of 620×520 mm. The product size is round 75 to 160 mm and Round Corner Square (RCS) 75 to 160 mm. Grades manufactured are Carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, free cutting steel & stainless steel.

Bar and section mill (BSM):  The 60 tones per hour, 20 stand, 2 high continuous Mannesmann designed rolling mill is equipped with duel fuel walking hearth type re-heating furnace, process control through ABB automation, Online gauging system, Closed circuit TV system for billet and bar movements.
Product sizes –
Straight bar : 15 – 53 mm diameter
Hexagonal Bar – 15.5 to 42 mm
Round wire Rod – 5.5 to 38 mm WRD
Hexagonal Wire rod – 15.5 to 38 mm
Flats – 45 to 120 mm width & 4.75 to 32 mm thick.
Straight Bar production line is equipped with Variable Reduction Mill (VRM) to achieve close dimensional tolerances & flexible rolling sizes.

Alloy steel mill (ASM):  This specialty 3 Hi reversible cross country mill ( Capacity – 250 MT/ Day ) produces the product sizes Round dia 45-100 mm and Round Corner Square (55-100 mm) in alloy, carbon, spring, free-cutting and stainless steel grades. The Alloy Steel Mill consists of 14 TPH duel fuel Pusher type re-heating furnace.
Five stands wIth one stand of 3 Hi roughing, two stands of 3 Hi intermediate and one stand of 2 Hi finishing, Roller table, Hot saw cutter and Rake type cooling bed etc.

Wire Rod Block Mill (WRB):  10 stand (Horizontal vertical configuration) wire rod block mill, supplied by Danieli Morgardshammar, Sweden produces the product sizes from wire rod 5.5 mm to 13 mm. This mill is facilitated with 4 nos. water box, high speed shear, pinch roll, laying head, 80 mtr stelmor cooling conveyor, coil re-forming station and coil handling system. Mill is running with ABB automation. Online gauge monitoring system installed for close monitoring of wire rod sizes along the length. Max rolling speed is 90 m/s. Max. Coil weight – 1600 Kg. Coil ID/OD ~ 900/1200 mm. Grades manufactured are Carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, free cutting steel, stainless steel etc.

Garret Coiler (GC):  Supplied by Danieli Morgardshammar, Sweden. Garret Coiler with Rockwell control system, oil circulation for lubrication, 3 pinch rolls, coil unloader & Swiveling Elevator with hydraulic motor, 2 Slat conveyor. Product ranges from wire rod 13 – 38 mm coils and 15.5 – 38 mm Hexagonal wire rod, Grades manufactured are Carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, free cutting steel & stainless steel.

Heat Treatment of Straight Bars :  2 No. Automatic Oil fired Furnace.
2 No. Automatic Electric heating Furnace. Capacity – 15 MT.
Heat Treatment: Full Annealing, stress relieving, Annealing, Spheroizing Annealing, Tempering of hardened bars, Normalizing etc.

Heat Treatment of Coils :  30 MT Bell Furnace – 1 No.
5 MT Bell furnace – 7 No.
Heat Treatment: Full Annealing, stress relieving, Annealing, Spheroizing Annealing etc.
Salient features – Atmosphere control for minimum decarburization, Uniform Spherodization, Uniform hardness, Consistency & Repeatability in results etc.

Solution Annealing :  Heating: – Oil fired.
Capability: To achieve less than 170 BHN max. hardness.
Heating to 1040 – 1080OC & water quenching.

Hardening & Tempering (GC) :  Hardening of full-length bars up to 6 meters.
Continuous charging and discharging operation with agitation.
Water / polymer quench.
Uniform martensitic structures.

Coil to Straight Bar Drawing Machines :  Make – Sheng Cheyn
No. of Machines – 03 No.
Size Range – 6 to 32 mm.
Features – Descaling by shot blasting, Automatic operation, Inline dimension check by Laser, Auto cutting to length, Inline straightening facilities etc.

Coil to Wire drawing Machines :  Make – An Chen Fa.
No. of Machines – 2 Nos.
Size Range – 6 to 28 mm
Pickling & Phosphating facilities. Close Dimension control. Clockwise coiling. Good surface finish.

Peeling Machines :  Make – 1) Mair, Italy. 2) Sheng Cheyn, 3) Calow
Size: 20 to 95 mm
Reeling & polishing facilities inline with peeling.

Centreless Grinding Machines :  No. of Machines – 6 No.
Make – Cincinnati (02 No.), Lidkoping (2 no.), WMW (02 No.), Belt Grinding / Polisher from Grindmaster (02 No.)
Features – Close dimensional control to 50 microns. Uniform dimensions along the length. Smooth surface finish. Controlled lobbing.

MPI (for surface Quality Inspection) :  No. of Machines – 11 No.
Make – 3E, Mumbai, NDT, ITW
Size Range – 15 to 160 mm dia.
Purpose: – For detection of surface & subsurface flaws.

Ultrasonic Testing (For internal Quality Inspection) : Automatic – 02 No.
Operator checked – 09 No.
Make – Olympus, Canada (Automatic). EEC & Modsonic (Manual).
Size Range – 15 to 160 mm.
Purpose :- For testing of internal soundness.

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) : Make – Technofour, Model –Rotolec-EX
Size Range – 15 to 70 mm dia Bright Bar.
Purpose :- For detection of surface & subsurface flaws with 0.15 mm min detectability.

XRF : No. of Machines – 05 No.
Make – Olympus Innov-X Systems (02 No.) & Spectro Xsort (3 No.)
Purpose: – For Grade confirmation test.

All above facilities has assisted Sunflag to crescent its market share and the tonnage of steel that Sunflag can sell.
All this has brought the Sunflag on par with any of the alloy steel plant in India.

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